Personalized Memory Care

A Day in the Life of Margaret

Why is the Pavilion at the Masonic Homes so special? Because our resident-first philosophy places residents at the center of our operations. This example day is customized to Margaret’s personal schedule and preferences. Read on to experience a day in the life of Margaret Jones, based on a composite of resident experiences at the Pavilion.

Margaret likes to get up around 5 a.m. to get ready for the day. Her caregiver, Dawn, checked in at 4:45 a.m. to see if she was awake yet, but Margaret was still sleeping. So she returned 20 minutes later, just as Margaret was opening her eyes. Dawn assists her with her morning routine, providing cues and physical assistance that allow Margaret as much independence as possible in her choices and pace. 

After getting dressed, Margaret comes to the dining room for coffee as staff sets the table for breakfast. There is another resident reading the newspaper at her table. The Pavilion’s chef offers to make her some toast and fruit to start her day, but Margaret is not ready for breakfast yet. After coffee, she goes back to her room to relax and listen to Morning Edition. She dozes a little in her chair and returns to the dining room for breakfast at 8:30 a.m. 

After breakfast, Margaret heads to the living room, where other residents are gathering. A staff member switches the large television screen to the view from an interactive computer. They review the daily schedule, and the staff member discusses the headlines of the day’s news, stopping to reflect on other news stories and events that happened on this day in history, prompting several residents to recall where they were at that moment in time. 

More residents join them as they hear the lively discussion. Tom, the Pavilion’s physical therapist, puts on some energetic music and leads a chair-exercise routine. While Margaret is happy to participate in afternoon exercise, she has always cleaned and tidied her home in the morning. So she heads back to the dining area and wipes down the tables. Being in a kitchen where there is work to be done feels like home for Margaret.

The garden is Margaret’s favorite place to sit in the late morning. She ventures out to the enclosed patio and heads to her favorite chair. Dawn checks on her while she enjoys her quiet time. Soon it is time for lunch and a staff member comes to assist Margaret with washing up. 

After lunch, Dawn reminds Margaret that she has an appointment at the beauty shop today. Margaret and her friend Betty are accompanied by a staff member to the salon, a short walk away. Margaret has her hair done, while Betty has her nails painted. The two of them have a lot in common and they enjoy one another’s company. 

Everyone notices Margaret’s hair and Betty’s nails when they return from the beauty shop. The group is outside enjoying smoothies in the garden. After a game of horseshoes with the group, Margaret returns to her room for a video call with her sister. It is always good to see family, even if they live far away. She and her sister talk twice a week. After a call and a short rest, Margaret is invited to work on the iN2L computer. She is comfortable playing these memory programs on the computer—in fact, she spent the majority of her career at Hewlett-Packard. 

Staff soon come to escort everyone to dinner. It has been a full day. Margaret orders the seared salmon and broccolini—she prefers to limit her red meat these days—with tiramisu for dessert. By now, she’s quite tired and retires to the living room to watch Turner Classic Movies while others play cards in the den.

Eventually, Margaret is ready for some quiet time in her room. Mabel, who took over for Dawn, helps her out of her clothes and into her pajamas and helps her through her nightime washing-up routine. Then Margaret slips
under the covers to finish the novel she’s been reading, until she drifts peacefully off to sleep. 

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