Elderly dementia care patient with family


Specialized memory care services offer safety, comfort and meaning.

Elderly patients with dementia need special support. In-home dementia care, day care, and memory care facilities can help.

What is dementia care, and how does it help elderly patients?

Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia affect some 5.8 million Americans today, and the majority are elderly patients. Over time, this condition impacts memory, cognitive functioning, reasoning and behavioral abilities.

Researchers have yet to find a cure for dementia — but they have learned how to improve the quality of life of individuals living with it. For elderly patients, that includes care practices that support the unique needs of older adults with dementia.

Best practices of care for elderly patients with dementia:

What’s the difference between in-home care, day care, and dementia care facilities?

Specialized memory care is available in several settings, depending on what’s best for your loved one and your family.

In-home services

  • Support services offered one-on-one in the convenience of home
  • Often includes non-medical help, like support with daily tasks
  • May provide in-home medical care by a nurse, physical therapist or another licensed health professional

Day care for dementia patients

  • A safe place for your loved one to visit to socialize with others and participate in expert-led activities
  • Often provide transportation and meals
  • Depending on the center, may also provide services including medical assistance, personal care and therapies

Dementia care community

  • Residential setting that provides 24/7 care and support for individuals living with dementia
  • Spaces and programs designed by memory care experts, ex. to prevent wandering and engage residents at every stage of dementia
  • Depending on your loved one’s needs, may also provide assisted living services like non-medical and medical care

The right setting will also depend on the level of care that your loved one requires for any other health conditions, from assisted living to skilled nursing.

What happens in memory care programs?

Memory care activities can include:


In some cases, memory care services can include additional support from a certified nursing assistant. These support services may include:

  • Passing out medication
  • Serving food
  • Caring for hygiene
  • Support with other daily tasks

Where can I find dementia care near me?

In general, primary care physicians and geriatricians are excellent resources for community supports. So start by reaching out to your loved one’s doctor. Here’s the information you’ll need to gather first.

You can also search for care providers online:

Looking for memory care and assisted living in California?

Visit the Pavilion at the Masonic Homes in Union City. Our community is staffed by experts. Above all, we’re devoted to keeping your loved one safe, providing the daily assistance they need, and connecting them with their very best quality of life.

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