Loneliness in Seniors

Loneliness in Seniors 10 Ways to Combat Isolation and Depression in Older Adults If you find that you’re struggling to maintain a spirit of connection and joy don’t despair. It’s normal to experience feelings of loss or loneliness. If you are feeling down, here are some simple ways to get yourself through the season. Know […]

Advice for Caregivers

Caring for Aging Parents Resources for Children Caring for Aging Parents We often think of aging in terms of the physical challenges that arise as the body changes. However, the mental and emotional aspects of aging are perhaps more difficult to address— both for seniors and their families. “The thing that we run up against […]

Helping Seniors with Memory Loss

Helping Seniors with Memory Loss Embracing Creativity Can Benefit Those with Cognitive Decline Many people enjoy creating art as a hobby, career, or medium for self-expression. And, its unique ability to enable people to express what they cannot put into words makes it an ideal practice for older adults who are experiencing Alzheimer’s disease or […]

Nature Therapy for Memory Loss

Nature Based Therapy for Seniors The Healing Power of Nature Let’s start with the butterflies—they were all over the Masonic Homes’ Covina campus this spring. “I’ve lived in this area all my life and I’ve never seen it like this,” says Sandy Fahey, the skilled nursing administrator at the Covina community. Southern California experienced a […]

9 Tips for Healthy Aging

                9 Tips for Healthy Aging Lessons for Living Longer and Better What is it that keeps some people healthy and active well into their nineties—and even further? Research shows that genetics play a relatively small role in longevity, while things like diet, lifestyle, and environment represent a […]

Keeping Seniors Safe During Covid

Keeping Seniors Safe during Covid Staying Ahead of the Curve When the coronavirus reached California, continuing-care communities were faced with health questions most had never asked themselves, never mind answered. Sadly, with little in the way of preparation for such an outbreak, many organizations were slow to react. At the Masonic Homes of California, however, […]

4 Ways to Keep the Brain Healthy

Cognitive Health in Seniors 4 Ways to Keep the Brain Healthy As You Age Research has indicated that there are several ways that older adults (and those of all ages) can help reduce the risk of cognitive decline – many of which are beneficial for other aspects of the body. Encourage your aging loved ones […]

Personalized Care

Personalized Memory Care A Day in the Life of Margaret Why is the Pavilion at the Masonic Homes so special? Because our resident-first philosophy places residents at the center of our operations. This example day is customized to Margaret’s personal schedule and preferences. Read on to experience a day in the life of Margaret Jones, […]

Health Benefits of Positive Thinking

Health Benefits of Positive Thinking Developing positive personality traits—such as being optimistic and finding the silver lining in situations—can benefit our health and wellbeing. Studies have linked stress and pessimism with depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, as well as high blood pressure and heart disease. If you tend to lean toward the negative, or if the […]

Staying Connected During Covid

Senior news

Staying Connected During Covid A New Virtual Program Helps Seniors Stay Safe and Connected Over a year ago, as the COVID-19 crisis was first ballooning into an international pandemic, it quickly became clear to staff at the Masonic Homes of California that the virus wasn’t only a threat to their staff and residents’ physical health. With […]